Customer Service Chatbot for Gyms

LegDay’s chatbot helps gyms streamline operations, engage customers and drive revenue. See how it works below or sign up to get started. 

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Customers want to text you. With LegDay, they can.

LegDay Customer Service Chatbot for Gyms

Text the demo now

Tired of long, boring demos? We are too which is why we created an interactive demo of our chatbot that you can try anytime, anywhere. Just text your first name to get started. Message and data rates may apply.

Why Texting?

Texting is #1 for customer service.

Preferred by 89% of consumers over apps, face to face, and telephone. 85% not only want to receive info, but also reply to businesses.

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Use Cases

Save time with automated responses to the most common questions, comments and concerns.

“Please let me know in advance if Spin gets canceled tomorrow.”
"Are there any personal trainers available right now?"
“I'd like to book a massage for tomorrow at noon.”
“Can I bring a friend to Cardio Kickboxing tonight?”
“How busy is the cardio area right now?”
“The leg press machine is broken.”
"What machines can I use to work my legs?"
"Are there any racquetball courts available tonight between 5 and 7pm?"
“What time do you close on Memorial Day?”
"When is TRX Bootcamp scheduled next week?”
"I need to chat with someone about a recent charge."
"How much does Kids Club cost?"
"Do you have any new membership specials going on right now?"
"What's the guest WiFi password?"
"How can I hear the TV audio?"
"I suggest you offer towel service. I'd pay for it."

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For gyms with thousands of customers

LegDay’s chatbot helps gyms deliver better customer service, effortlessly. Let your customers find information, resolve issues and complete transactions all through texting. No app needed.

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How It Works

Customers text your gym's existing business number. Our chatbot automatically responds.


Landline Texting

LegDay uses your gym’s existing business number to send and receive SMS texts through our chatbot. No more short codes.


Plug and Play

LegDay seamlessly integrates with your gym’s existing management and scheduling systems to pull up-to-date information.


Engaged Customers

LegDay increases customer interactions through texting, which leads to visits and more revenue from retention and sales.


Simple Pricing. No contracts or upfront fees.

Starting at $199

per month

15% discount for annual plans

Dedicated account manager

Unlimited text messages

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Let's talk about how LegDay can help you better engage your customers.

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